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Very powerful and informative training session! Information might look simple but very important to notice that I really had no idea before and it made me thinking and paying attention!
Very insightful learning on how people process information. Picked up some great tips to help me communicate more effectively with a diverse audience. Learning Coach Adam Boismier did a great job guiding us through the course content. Time well spent, highly recommend.
For someone who does not present on a regular basis, this is a very useful course to overcome nervousness, anxiety and be more prepared for the next presentation. Highly recommended.
Matt was a great presenter and facilitator for the Running Effective Meetings workshop; the content was very relevant and engaging.
Excellent concise effective workshop!
Took the "Writing with Influence" course. Extremely useful and insightful. Would recommend this for everyone, even if you think you're already good at written communication. I feel like I learned a lot!
I believe that implementing the Gregor Jeffrey methodology can be instrumental in enhancing my communication skills with my colleagues. It is a valuable approach that I am eager to utilize to improve my communication with my coworkers.In addition, Adam's approach to training was very effective, and his expertise in the subject matter was evident. He was able to explain complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand and encouraged participation, which made the sessions interactive and fun.I would also like to commend Adam on his punctuality and professionalism. He was always well-prepared and made sure that everyone in the group was able to keep up with the pace of the sessions.Overall, I found the training to be very beneficial, and I feel more confident in my ability to apply the knowledge that Adam has shared with us. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
Really enjoyed ”Presenting with Influence". This class gives you theory and practice to make us feel confident about our next public speaking event.
Great course. Very useful material presented in an authentic and effective manner.
Exceptional course with great instructor and useful material that can be implemented in personal and professional life.
This session was an eye opener & informational. Enjoyed the breakdown of the different influences in writing. Hearing group collaboration & scenerals brought confidence in knowing the different writing formats based on your audience.
Really great class, Adam was a great instructor.
Adam did a fantastic job in this training. Everyone was involved. Highly recommend!
Good explanation of how to not suck at presentations by understanding how peoples brains function.
Presenting with Influence is the founders original course. It’s great, one of the most applicable courses on public speaking. Template is open ended yet instructional. It could do with less talk about other courses out there comments; we are here. No need to complain about the competition. Participants arent the decision makers on future contracts.
Very informative workshop, especially those who have never been presented before and who really want to present with some extra impact.
Great session, highly recommend for your teams!
Excellent session. Informative and high-quality products delivered as part of the overall assessment.
I enjoyed the presentation by Matt Yarmuch. It was a wonderful lessons and interactive session.
Matt is such an interesting presenter, he communicated the materials so well. Thanks Matt
Adam was awesome! he was able to help me be a more effective speaker. A part of the session forced me to think about my audience more effectively and another helped me get a right pace to organize my thoughts to come more concise and clear.
We all can use a refresh when presenting, this session was well facilitated learning. Great graphics, easy to understand point, feedback from peers in small break out sessions. I'd attend again. I recommend signing up.
Attended a very informative workshop on "Connecting Through Listening". Adam was a very effective host and instructor.
Writing With Influence course was very helpful and informative. Highly Recommended for high-value Professional Development hours
Really good workshop, facilitator was relatable with great examples
First time taking a course and it really made sense, there was a theory and practical part. The practical is where the magic took place.
Great interactive workshop. Gets you of your comfort chair and encourages courage to speak up direct to the point!
Great ideas that I can implement right away when leading or participating in meetings to ensure productive outcomes.
Great information and concepts for meetinng
Took their "Better Meetings" workshop through my work. You know it had some really good practical information, and good group sessions and wrapped it all up in a pretty quick and easy package.I would use them again with either work or even just on my own on a topic of interest.
Great course on leading effective meetings, taken 3 now and this was the most interactive one!
The course I took, connecting through listening, was engaging and high-value.
The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished! I really enjoyed this course. I appreciate it!
One of the best, most engaging presenters I’ve experienced. Relatable and meaningful. Highly recommend Gregor’s training!
Great energy. Great content. Did a class virtual and it was easy to engage.
A really fascinating and powerful look at how to effectively communicate in your daily life and at work. The time flew by as Gregor was an excellent presenter and really connects with his audience, which is no accident! Highly recommended!!!
The energy and passion from Gregor was infectious and made the workshop fun.
Gregor is a great speaker as well as listener! Everyone can heavily resonate with the content and there’s no dull moments.
Very informative and helpful
The Writing With Influence course sparked my interest as a communications advisor. I've taken many writing courses, however, none that approached the subject from a cognitive or neuroscience perspective, which was super cool! I learned new techniques that I can integrate into my communications and help them become much more impactful to many more people. Gregor was fantastic as a facilitator. Energetic, fun, engaging, interactive, friendly, on time (which is always appreciated), and the content was concise and clear. I would absolutely recommend this course, ESPECIALLY for writers (as we think we already know better, lol). Five stars! Thanks Gregor, and I hope to see you at Presenting With Influence! ...now I am re-reading this review to see if it incorporates what I learned today ;)
Gregor guided us through a very informative session with valuable takeaways. He presented the information in an engaging manner, and helped me to understand how a few simple tips can help influence a reading audience. I wish I had taken this workshop sooner!
The training was fantastic.I can be difficult to keep engaged for long training sessions; however, Gregor did a fantastic job keeping me engaged. He made sure to keep the information relevant, and it was concise.The real life examples referenced were high impact, and helped us to understand the importance of the material he was teaching.If you put in the effort you can see how much of the material relates to daily interactions.If given an opportunity I would highly recommend you to take one of their course offerings.
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