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Empowering the next generation of leaders to achieve influence

Communication courses or workshops based in opinion or subjective experience can leave students with more questions than answers. Concepts work for some students, but not for others, and the inconsistency can be extremely frustrating.

Our innovative, science-based approach to communication and team building has been implemented by thousands of professionals and will empower students to become the influential, conscious, empathetic leaders our world needs.

You can be part of the change you want to see by introducing your students to an approach that challenges the status quo and gives everyone an equitable opportunity at success.

We offer virtual and in-person guest lectures, 3-day elective courses, and full-semester courses.

All sessions are facilitated by our team of highly experienced professionals who have overcome their communication challenges using this objective approach.

Who we work with

Hult International Business School
University of Windsor

Learn about the origins of our work and find out more about who we are today.

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We believe that truly effective interpersonal training must be credible, relevant and immediately effective.

Our Approach

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