Presenting with Influence

Verbal skills training for executives and leaders

We know that the ability to present ideas in a way that achieves action is critical to leadership success - but it remains an interpersonal skill that is rarely mastered.

Challenging misleading public speaking techniques, debunking communication myths, and using our innovative science-based methodology, participants will learn exactly what their audience needs from them when they present – and how to implement it immediately to achieve influence.

Delivery options

  • Full-day in-person or virtual
  • Half-day in-person or virtual
  • Two-hour virtual
  • One-hour virtual

Who should take this?

Executives, leaders and supervisors who must achieve action by influencing diverse audiences.

Learning outcomes

  • The challenges of presenting in virtual and in-person corporate environments.
  • The top five issues that consistently impact your communication.
  • How to organize your thinking and clearly define communication goals.
  • What your audience needs – understanding diverse thinking preferences.
  • How rational and intuitive thinkers process information.
  • The importance of data and evidence and why we need structure.
  • Why you must get to the point quickly and how to establish social connection.
  • Applying our unique communication methodology to develop a compelling structure.
  • Refining your approach to suit diverse audiences.
  • Techniques for developing an authentic, engaging delivery style.
  • Overcoming nervousness and public speaking anxiety.
  • Using vocal expression, pace and volume to connect with your audience.
  • Resources and recommendations for continued improvement.

We believe that truly effective interpersonal training must be credible, relevant and immediately effective.

Our Approach

We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, government organizations and academic institutions around the world.

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