Leading with Influence

Leadership skills development for executives and senior leaders

Anyone who has led an initiative or managed a team knows firsthand the complexities of leadership - and that traditional leadership styles can result in a disconnect between leaders and their teams. The evolution towards a more human-centric approach requires profound awareness of ourselves and others to create inclusive, truly supportive team environments.

In this workshop, leaders will learn that the key to human-centric leadership is found in a unique body of research developed from neuroscience. Each participant will complete an evidence-based assessment - with this self-knowledge they can increase awareness of who they are and how they are perceived by others. Based on a deep understanding of cognitive diversity, participants will learn how to develop an authentic leadership approach that motivates diverse teams and supports the individual needs of their people.

Delivery options

  • Half-day in-person or virtual
  • Two-hour virtual
  • One-hour virtual

Who should take this?

Executives and leaders who must achieve influence in complex environments with diverse audiences.

Learning outcomes

  • The latest research on the importance of human-centric leadership.
  • Discovering neurological preferences and how they apply to organizational culture.
  • Analyzing our own unique cognitive and behavioural leadership profile.
  • Understanding the correlation between information-processing and how we interact and collaborate with others.  
  • Recognizing our neurological strengths and developing awareness of our limitations.
  • Deciphering cognitive abilities and preferences in yourself and others.
  • Predicting sources of misunderstanding and conflict through the Overlay Effect.
  • Creating psychological safety through advanced neurological understanding.
  • Building teams and creating working environments that support cognitive diversity.

We believe that truly effective interpersonal training must be credible, relevant and immediately effective.

Our Approach

We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, government organizations and academic institutions around the world.

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