Developing Innovative Thinking

Developing Innovative Thinking

Our minds have been highly trained to find predictable solutions, but innovation comes from viewing problems differently. Advanced conceptual thinking is at the root of innovative problem-solving - by understanding this cognitive process we can create environments that consistently generate new ideas and approaches.

Participants will explore the link between their own neurological preferences and their conceptual thinking abilities. They will also learn how to apply a framework that supports innovative thinking in complex corporate and technical environments.

Delivery options

  • Half-day in-person or virtual
  • Two-hour virtual
  • One-hour virtual

Who should take this?

Organizational teams who want to expand their creative problem solving abilities.

Learning outcomes

  • How our neurological preferences support or limit innovative thinking.
  • Understanding rational versus intuitive processing.
  • Creating an environment that supports high performance through cognitive diversity.
  • Differentiating creativity from applied innovation.
  • Discovering Edward de Bono’s work in the realm of lateral thinking.
  • Developing a personalized approach to overcoming mental barriers.
  • Identifying cognitive barriers and testing their validity.
  • Techniques for reducing solution complexity.
  • Applying The Jeffrey Innovation Method to a technical case study.

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