Achieving Clarity of Thought

Achieving Clarity of Thought

The specialized nature of our roles can make it challenging to explain projects and initiatives to diverse audiences – especially at the executive level. However, leaders have a responsibility to communicate their position with extreme clarity to consistently achieve action across the organization.

Participants will use samples from their own communication and apply a framework to their thought processes to quickly get to a clear point every time they speak and write.

Delivery options

  • Half-day in-person or virtual
  • Two-hour virtual
  • One-hour virtual

Who should take this?

Leaders and subject matter experts who want to get to the point more effectively in their communication.

Learning outcomes

  • The link between clarity of thinking and influential leadership.
  • Why presenting data is not enough to achieve action.
  • Using focused conceptual thinking to set the tone with your audience.
  • Discerning the difference between a subject and a conceptual point.
  • How to accurately state your position.
  • Using language to instill confidence in your leadership direction.
  • Recognizing the advantages of benefit placement.
  • Techniques for removing the extraneous and achieving focus.
  • Applying clarity of thinking to multiple modalities.

We believe that truly effective interpersonal training must be credible, relevant and immediately effective.

Our Approach

We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, government organizations and academic institutions around the world.

Who We Work With

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