Writing with Influence

Write so you cannot possibly be misunderstood

We all recognize that written communication is often misinterpreted and doesn't always address the needs of diverse audiences.

This is particularly challenging for students that have been taught to be eloquent, to elaborate, and to meet a word count. And even more so for students that learned English as a Second Language.

In this guest lecture, students will be introduced to an innovative, science-based communication methodology to develop writing that is clear, concise, and consistently achieves action.

Your students will learn exactly how to write in a way that works for everybody’s brain.

Delivery options
  • 3-hour virtual
  • 3-hour in-person
Who should take this?
  • Undergraduate students who need to develop foundational communication skills
  • Graduate students who must achieve action by influencing diverse audiences
  • The challenges of writing and interpreting written information in complex environments
  • The importance of tone when communicating with your audience
  • What your audience needs from you
  • Our science-based methodology for written communication
Learning outcomes
  • How to ensure messages are being read and understood in the way you intend
  • How to use plain language to increase reader engagement

Learn about the origins of our work and find out more about who we are today.

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